Welcome to my virtual garden.

This is my virtual garden.
Here I share ideas. Some will grow. Some will wither.
Feel free to take them with you and to share them.

The Nursery

The Showroom


The TRAFOS are not only a space for inspiration, experimentation and co-creation. They are also a diverse community of very driven people, who want to innovate and take part in shaping our future.



As part of my studies, I’ve built 3 hydroponic vertical farms. The whole process was a real journey: full of expected hurdles, happy victories, and new unforeseen challenges. But most importantly, I learned some very important lessons.



When I was working on a farm in Canada, I quickly realized: The future of agriculture not only needs to become sustainable, but regenerative. This is where food forests and other forms of agroforestry catched my interest. Lucky me, there were plans to create a food forest on campus!


Other Gardeners Of Good Ideas