The T-Shirt from the Future

This is a T-Shirt from the year 2123. While it’s cut is more or less a pretty standard T-Shirt design, you will never find another one like this one. It is uniquely made to fit one person perfectly, and it is made from a blend of textile scraps the owner gave to the semi-autonomic „Re-Taylor“.

In this community run workshop, people design their own Shirts using a digital previewscreen and according to their measurements.

Instead of paying with money, the Re-Taylor then tells the customer how much fabric they need, and it is up to the customer to bring either old clothes, or use some of the scraps other customers left behind.

To ensure reusability, the measurements are seperated for the neck, sleeves and the body of the t-shirt. This way, the Re-Tailor can reuse parts of the T-Shirt more easily if repairs are needed or if the customer wants to completely recycle it.


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