How to seed ideas

Integrating Obsidian with WordPress

What I intend to do with this website is born out of the idea, that sometimes the most elusive thoughts are seeds for real transformation.

Since I’ve been taking notes using, I gained a tremendous amount of focus: I can jot those random thoughts down quickly, and don’t need to worry about losing them. Furthermore, I can simply look them up via a small search. I can let them ruminate, and reconnect with them anytime.

The thoughts and ideas can be fertilized by guests with comments. As I tend to them, they grow over time, and they can be pruned if they get too unwieldy. And if guests like them, they automatically take them home with them, where they evolve and propagate on their own.

Simply put, thoughts and ideas become alive.

In order to help this process, I try to set up a workflow which minimizes friction. Right now I use a plugin which allows me to publish any note I have in my obsidian vault through wordpress.

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t automatically update the post on wordpress once I edit the note in my vault (or the other way around) – therefore there’s still a lot of manual editing and updating involved, which lowers my public output.



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