Welcome to my virtual garden.

This is my virtual garden.
Here I share ideas. Some will grow. Some will wither.
Feel free to take them with you and to share them.

Autor: Obsidian

  • The T-Shirt from the Future

    The T-Shirt from the Future

    This is a T-Shirt from the year 2123. While it’s cut is more or less a pretty standard T-Shirt design, you will never find another one like this one. It is uniquely made to fit one person perfectly, and it is made from a blend of textile scraps the owner gave to the semi-autonomic „Re-Taylor“.…

  • How to seed ideas

    How to seed ideas

    Integrating Obsidian with WordPress What I intend to do with this website is born out of the idea, that sometimes the most elusive thoughts are seeds for real transformation. Since I’ve been taking notes using Obsidian.md, I gained a tremendous amount of focus: I can jot those random thoughts down quickly, and don’t need to…