The eye for the next generation

This faux eye was developed by a group of biohackers from south africa in 2033. It allows the wearer to see beyond the human spectrum. Much akin to Geordis Visor from Star Trek, it allows the user to switch between several sensors built into the eye: LiDar, EM, temperature, as well as different „normal“ sight modes.

These allow to mimick how different animals might perceive the world. Where most enhanced ocular implants try to hide the artificial, this group of bodymodders were inspired by the scarification of the xhosa. They chose to embellish the scars instead, making it part of their design.

While the resolution of the eye is not akin to a humans, the different modes allow to experience the world in a completely new way, helping the wearer to understand their surroundings from quite literally different views.


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