Welcome to my virtual garden.

This is my virtual garden.
Here I share ideas. Some will grow. Some will wither.
Feel free to take them with you and to share them.

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  • Web Rings – a solution for bad search?



    Search has becoming worse and worse. So much worse actually, that google gave up, and sends users to reddit instead. I think this marks an interesting twist – instead of refining their algorithm, the greatest search engine redirects users to a webpage, which lets users rank the answers. This might be a solution for a…

  • The eye for the next generation

    The eye for the next generation

    This faux eye was developed by a group of biohackers from south africa in 2033. It allows the wearer to see beyond the human spectrum. Much akin to Geordis Visor from Star Trek, it allows the user to switch between several sensors built into the eye: LiDar, EM, temperature, as well as different „normal“ sight…